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Established: 1923


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Shochu is culture and art. It is more than just an intoxicating drink. Among Kuma Shochu’s many wineries, we are especially proud of our atmospheric pressure distilled Shochu. The longer a Shochu is stored, the more aromatic it becomes and the deeper its flavor. We have spent nearly a century perfecting our storage techniques. For example, to avoid exposure to high temperatures and humidity, especially in the summer months, we have insulated and air-conditioned warehouses, where the temperature is controlled 24 hours a day, with conditions similar to those in the Scottish Highlands. No matter how good the Shochu is, it’s no good if it’s stored in a poly bag. We believe that a good Shochu is as important as the label and the bottle in which it is contained. Most of the bottles are original. Our goal is to introduce people to the wonderful world of preserved and matured Shochu, and to demonstrate that Shochu, which is often considered inferior to scotch or cognac, can compete with the best spirits in the world.


Rokuchoshi 25% Rice Shochu
  • Raw material: Rice
  • Alcohol proof: 25%
  • Volume: 720ml
  • Distillation method: Vacuum

The only one of Rokuchoshi’s products to be distilled under vacuum (reduced pressure). Elegant aroma with a refreshing and clean taste.

Tokugin Rokuchoshi 35% Rice Shochu
  • Raw material: Rice
  • Alcohol proof: 35%
  • Volume: 720ml
  • Distillation method: Atmospheric pressure

Shochu of the Kuma type, highly appreciated in Japan for its harmonious fragrances and for the soft taste due to the type of yeast and the long aging.

Kodaiikko Rice Shochu
  • Raw material: Rice
  • Alcohol proof: 44%
  • Volume: 720ml
  • Distillation method: Atmospheric pressure

Limited and numbered edition, made using a blend of three-year Shochu (1990, 2006, 2007), aged in the same manner typical of whiskey from the Scottish highlands, checking the temperature and humidity of the cellar every 24 hours. First choice rice Shochu, which is born thanks to the quality of raw materials, the use of pure water and the high standard of conservation techniques.







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